Livin da Dream

Mike Kubeisy has been shooting celebrities in Hollywood since 1984 as a Motion Picture and Television Stills Photographer. Mike regularly shoots on episodic television, new media, and feature films. Scott Bourne, founder of Photofocus has said, “No photographer’s work is seen by more people than Mike’s work worldwide.”

Mike recently shot on American Underdog in Oklahoma City, a Lionsgate / Kingdom Productions film. Mike is also shooting on his 19th season of NCIS. Achieved a rare milestone shooting over 425 episodes on NCIS. Mike is also shooting on season 13 of NCIS: Los Angeles.

Dennis Smith, Director of over 50 episodes of NCIS, has said, “Mike is one of Hollywood’s best photographers.”

Mike is a Trainer for KelbyOne, and also a member of the International Cinematographers Guild.